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The Wellspace experience
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Join the club today! Whether it's for community sauna or for a private booking, we invite you and your friends to embark on a journey of rest and vitality.
Come together for Queenstown's most unique outdoor experience; to deepen conversations, strengthen connections,  and to celebrate the simple things in life.

Contrast hydrotherapy is a transformational practice that awakens your senses and builds conscious awareness.
Let go of stress and breath in what true peace and stillness feels like. This practice gives you an opportunity to re-cognise your mind and body for the ultimate nervous system reset.

You'll be guided though rounds of steam infused sauna, aromatherapy, mindfulness and ice-baths, hosted by Rick Gutzewitz and his friendly staff members.  Relax and chill out afterwards in our cosy marquee lounge, around an outdoor fire place or in the sun with exclusive riverside views.

Sauna Club is a unique outdoor social-wellness experience based around community and connection; an opportunity to meet others in the Queenstown community.

Private Bookings are available if you want to make it an extra special occasion. We do half, full and multi day hires with the option to add a chill space for between rounds. This is ideal for groups, teams and businesses looking to have a fun and unique team building experience.
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Rick Gutzewitz is a 5th generation Queenstown local, with his family being established in the area since 1911. Rick is the owner operator of the social wellness enterprise Wellspace, an immersive well-being experience built around sauna and cold plunge culture.

With a background in personal training and mindset coaching, Rick is passionate about empowering people with awesome experiences and transforming mental health.



how does

How does it work?

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Relax with 15 minute rounds of traditional wood fired Finnish sauna & aromatherapy at 80 - 100 Degrees, followed by...
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Cold water immersion; ice baths cold shower or river, followed by...
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Further relaxation and invigoration. Repeat 3 times for maximum benefit.
What are the benefits of sauna?
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What are the benefits of cold water therapy?
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